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Accelerate innovation, make strategic decisions, and protect your data through The Tech Valet’s integrated cloud solution.

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Your Path to the Cloud

Cloud technology has revolutionized the modern workplace, providing flexibility through operational agility, supporting easy collaboration, and securing information through efficient storage. Our proprietary approach to integrating cloud services leverages enterprise-class technology to create a streamlined work environment that’s good for your cash flow.

Scale Up or Down with Ease

When scaling your business, save the expense of buying expensive new hardware. Instead, we’ll help you leverage the cloud so you can scale your resources instantly according to the current needs of your business.

Real-Time Collaboration

With our integrated cloud solutions, your employees can be productive from anywhere, at any time and on any device. Experience real-time revisions and file sharing that make collaboration easy.

Cloud Enablement

Smooth integration, simple account management, and transparent controls – We deliver the cloud in its most impactful form.

Cost Optimization

Increase your organizational agility and seamlessly expand your business to the cloud. Through a subscription-based services, you can scale capacity and computing resources based on your immediate needs and eliminate the cost of expensive hardware.

Seamless Identity Management

Our single sign-on solutions simplify account management so your end users can utilize the same login credentials across all applications, whether in the cloud or on premises.  One set of universal credentials per user. Period.

Secure File Sharing

Securely access, share, and collaborate with work colleagues and partners from your favorite device. In the cloud or in the office, your content is delivered faster using the best of both worlds while maintaining both an audit trail and appropriate access controls.

Cloud Continuity

With our highly available managed cloud solutions, you can virtually eliminate organizational downtime. Our right-sized ValetRECOVER cloud managed backup and disaster recovery solutions provide affordable and all-encompassing protection for your business.


Solutions that Compliment Your Mobile Workforce

Accelerate innovation, make strategic decisions, and protect your data through The Tech Valet’s integrated cloud solutions.

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Microsoft Azure & Office 365

The Tech Valet is a Microsoft Silver Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions Partner. We leverage our cloud capabilities to deliver the world’s most trusted cloud platform, Microsoft Azure, in it’s most impactful form.

Microsoft’s subscription-based service allows you to scale capacity based on your immediate needs, and eliminate the cost of expensive hardware. With Microsoft Office 365 you can work anywhere, collaborate on documents, and improve the overall productivity of your business.

Cloud Set-Ups & Migrations

With today’s mobile work environment, a secure, efficient, cost-effective and flexible IT ecosystem is key to enterprise success. We simplify your business through our proven ability to integrate cloud technology and deliver a seamless user experience. Contact us today and optimize your cloud investment.